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Terms and Conditions 2015

All bookings accepted by 1CityHome are subject to these Terms and Conditions and deemed to have been accepted in full by the Client. Payment of a booking fee also indicates acceptance of these Terms and Conditions 2015.

1. Price
1.1. All prices stated on are in SEK (Swedish krona) and include taxes.

1.2. Total price for all accommodations listed on include expenses for consumption of gas, electricity, heating, water, Wi-Fi and the final cleaning.

2. Payment for the stay

2.1. Your reservation will be confirmed upon receipt of the booking fee.

2.2. The Booking fee (BF) is a pre-payment that will be made directly online through a secured payment platform. The amount will be calculated according to the selected apartment, length of your stay and the number of guests. This amount is clearly indicated in each booking preview in our website

2.3. Once the booking fee will be captured by 1CityHome, the client will automatically receive confirmation to the email address provided on their reservation. This will contain a direct link to the booking voucher including all the essential information for the client’s arrival to Stockholm.

2.4. Bank transfers may also be accepted. Please contact our office to select this method of payment. Important note: bank transfers can be agreed only for bookings made at least seven days prior arrival. This period guarantees the payment to be correctly processed. Any extra expenses related to the bank transfers shall be paid by the client.

2.5. The Remaining Balance (RB) is the outstanding part of the price for the accommodation.

-        The RB must be paid the latest fifteen days (15) prior the client’s arrival to Stockholm only by bank transfer.

-        If the client books between 14 and 1 day prior arrival only credit card payments will be accepted.

-        If the client books an aparthotel the management will directly contact the client to proceed with the RB payment or pay directly to 1CityHome via bank transfer.

-        Please refer to the given booking voucher to find out which methods of payment are accepted for each given accommodation.

2.6. 1Cityhome is authorized to cancel the booked reservation if the client fails to pay the remaining balance.

3. Security deposit and maintenance of the accommodation

3.1. The Security Deposit (SD) is an amount specified in your booking voucher and is mandatory for all accommodations. The SD is normally set at a minimum of 3.000 SEK, and is calculated according to the standard of the apartment. This guarantees the proper care of the furniture, equipment, and premises. The SD will be secured on your credit card during the check-in procedure by 1Cityhome.

3.2. 1CityHome has the right to raise the given SD in case the value of the damages will exceed.

3.3. In the case any damages would occur to the property during the client’s stay, this includes the furniture, equipment and belongings. The Client must immediately inform the 1CityHome team. The SD shall be retained until such damages are evaluated or repaired. If this fails the SD will not be refunded.

3.4. The SD will also be used in the case of clients acting against the property rules, such as smoking, lost keys, none-permitted guests, left dirty dishes and garbage in the apartment.

3.5. Parties, and disrespecting quiet hours is: 3.000 SEK, and for any lost keys 3.000 SEK. Also specified in each given apartment instructions sheet received at the check-in time.

3.6. 1CityHome has the right to refuse access for all accommodation to the clients who cannot provide the required security deposit.

3.7. If the property needs renovations resulting in lost bookings, caused either by the client or by any other guests staying at the rented accommodation, he/she agrees to cover all costs including a compensation for the owner. The cost will be charged with the current rate.

4. Booking Reservation

4.1. 1CityHome does its best efforts to offer accurate on-line availability calendars. However, it cannot be guaranteed the accommodation is still available when we have processed your booking request. 1CityHome reserves the right to refuse any booking request and suggest alternative suggestions, without being responsible for the consequences.

5. Cancellation by the Client

5.1. If the Client cancels a confirmed booking, in whole or in part, 1CityHome shall charge the penalties listed below. The Client must assume the cancellation penalties as follows:

5.1.1. Cancellations made with more than 15 (fifteen) days prior to their arrival date: the BF will not be refunded.

5.1.2. Cancellations made less than 15 (fifteen) days prior to their arrival date: 50% (fifty percent) of the remaining balance.

5.1.3. Cancellations that are made less than 48 (forty eight) hours prior to their arrival date or a «no-show»: 100% (one hundred percent) of the total amount due.

5.2. It is strongly recommended for all clients to purchase a traveling insurance. Any cancellation including “ force majeure “ will be subject to the aforementioned cancellation policy. (Note: some credit cards offer for travel insurances to cover any unexpected cancelation). Please refer directly to your bank or to the credit card terms and conditions.

5.3. The reservation’s booking fee already paid online to secure your accommodation cannot be reimbursed nor can it be transferred back to the Client under any circumstances, including “force majeure

5.4. In the event that the client should change the dates of arrival it will be considered as a new stay and it will be subject to the cancellation penalties.

5.5. Bookings cannot be transferred from one accommodation to another.

6. Cancellation by 1Cityhome

6.1. If 1CityHome is not able to provide the accommodation booked, we reserve the right to relocate the client to a property of similar characteristics (location, price, and standard) or offer an upgrade.

6.2. If the client does not agree on the suggested relocation offered by 1CityHome, this gives the right for both parties to cancel the booking. In this event 1CityHome will refund the client’s booking fee, except the part corresponding to the days the apartment was used, if this is the case.

6.3. 1CityHome is under no circumstances liable for any claims raised by the clients, nor for any damages, lost profits, direct or indirect costs or losses, arising from the cancellation by 1Cityhome.

7. Booking changes upon the client’s request

The following changes can be made up to seven days prior to arrival:

7.1. The number of guests depends on the maximum capacity set for each apartment.

Additional nights, depends on the availability. If the client wishes to reduce the number of guests or to reduce the amount of nights already booked, there will be no refund for the unused nights or the reduced amount of guests.

7.2. The first change to your booking is free. For further changes an administrative fee of 300 SEK/ change will be charged.

7.3. 1CityHome does not accept cancellations or any alterations over the phone. All cancellations or changes must be communicated only by email directly to:

8. Arrival/Departure

8.1. Usually all accommodations are available for check-in, from 3:00 PM, (local time). Upon the Client’s request and when possible, 1CityHome may arrange the accommodation to be available earlier. For this purpose it is important for the client to know their arrival time as well as any changes that may affect this.

8.1.1. The client will be welcomed by a 1CityHome representative at our office located near the Stockholm central station –Kungsbroplan 1, 11227 Stockholm, or directly at the property address out of office hours Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Stockholm time.

8.2. All late arrivals are subject to a late check-in fee of 350 SEK from 5 PM (Local time).

8.3. The Late Check-in Fee has to be paid in cash only in our currency (SEK) to a 1CityHome representative during check-in.

8.4. In case of late departure Clients may leave their luggage at our agency at no extra cost during our office hours indicated at OBS! 1CityHome is not responsible for the client’s belongings stored at our office.

9. Use of Accommodation

9.1. All accommodations shall be used for leisure and business only as a holiday rental. Under no circumstances shall the accommodation be used for commercial or illegal activities prohibited by the Swedish Criminal Code. Please view the link here below:

9.2. By accepting this Terms and Conditions, the client declares renting the accommodation for the sole purpose of their stay in Stockholm.

9.3. Under no circumstances shall the accommodation be used or rented on a habitual residential basis.

10. Cleaning

10.1. All accommodations are cleaned prior to each client’s arrival. Bed linens and towels are provided for each guest reflected on your booking. Extra lines/towels have an extra charge. This also applies for clients who wish to sleep separate, thsi means we have to prepare the second bed (if available) with extra linens. This must be communicated prior arrival in order to have the bed prepared, if this is not communicated it costs 300 SEK + 25% VAT for delivery plus the cost for extra linens.

10.2. At check- out the client is required to leave the apartment in the same condition as found. These following fees will be charged: for leaving dirty dishes and garbage: 500 SEK; smoking inside the apartment: 3.000 SEK.

11. Number of Guests

11.1. The Client shall inform 1CityHome of the actual number of guests who will occupy the booked accommodation. Unless otherwise agreed by 1CityHome, only the number of guests indicated in the booking shall be authorized to stay at the accommodation (view point 7.1. above).

11.2. If the number of guests would vary within one stay, the booking shall be made for the maximum number of guests who will occupy the accommodation.

11.3. The number of guests who may stay in the accommodation shall not exceed the authorized maximum capacity of the apartment, except for children less than three years old.

11.3.1 Only babies under 3 years old are free of charge. Children older than 3 years old pay in full.

11.4. Pets are only allowed when permission has specifically been granted by 1CityHome.

11.5. In the event of any infraction of the aforementioned obligations in this clause 11, 1CityHome or the property owner are entitled to evict the client immediately from the accommodation without any right to claim any compensation. If the Client refuses to vacate 1CityHome/owner is authorized to contact the Swedish authorities.

12. Behavior of Guests

12.1. Please respect your neighbors. Quiet time usually starts from 9:00 PM until 9:00 AM (local time). This is required for all our properties (View point 3.7.).

12.1.2. Most of our apartments are located in private residential buildings. In case of complaints from the neighbors due to excessive noise or annoying behavior caused by all guests occupying the apartment. 1Cityhome/owner has the right to evict the clients without the right of a refund.

12.2. The Client shall pay any fine charged by the Police. 1CityHome has no responsibility in such matters.

13. Liabilities

13.1. Neither 1cityhome nor the owner shall be liable for any direct or indirect damages that may arise as a consequence by the client using the apartment, including without limitation, damages, insurance, losses due to fire, robbery or criminal behavior.

13.2. Any complaint that may arise during the guest’s stay needs to be addressed to 1CityHome, who will immediately forward them to the property owner or manager.

13.3. 1CityHome mediates in the name of the owner or property manager.

14. 1CityHome Website

14.1. While 1CityHome does its very best to maintain the accuracy of the information contained on its website, we cannot be held liable for any errors or omissions that may arise. Neither beheld accountable for any negligence with information on or accessible from this website.

14.2. 1CityHome reserves the right to change information published on the site at any time including rates, descriptions and pictures.

 15. Dispute

15.1. All disputes originated from the Terms & Conditions between 1CityHome and the client shall be settled through the District Court of Stockholm (Tingsrätten i Stockholm).

15.2. These Terms & Conditions may undergo changes. These changes shall be effective and accepted online as from the date of the first booking request.

15.3. These Terms & Conditions do not affect consumers statutory rights.

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